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Loading large CSV files using Oracle External Tables

   After millions of rows, thousands of files, and hundreds of hours, we've learned a thing or two about working with big data sources, especially files in fixed or CSV formats. They have been around for a really long time, they are universally known and present. Almost any data storage solution has dedicated tools for dealing with CSV files. That is very good but believe me, there's a limit. I'm talking hundreds of MB in a single file, millions of rows. Nice and beefy. What are my options? As I mentioned before: this is not a new problem, and there are several potential solutions:     • SQL Developer can load data from a CSV file into a table. It's actually quite nice because it lets you map the field in the file to the table columns with a graphical interface. If you've used SQL Developer for long enough, you must know that it's not the quickest of tools. If you try to load a really big file, it would probably take hours and may not even finish.     • SQL LOAD

Loading large CSV files using Oracle External Tables

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